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Providing 5-Star Service to Business and Employees.

You Can't Have One WIthout the Other.

Coaching & Consulting

Third Party Investigations

Change Management 

Committee Driven Initiatives

Merger & Aquisition: How to Avoid Lawsuits

Mediation: Employee Complaints/Conflicts

Compensation and Succession Planning

How to make remote work - work for you.

Mentor your new HR employees.

Employee Advocacy

We assist Employees who need counseling. 

A sample of services include:

How To Respond to a Negative Performance Review

How to determine if your HR Dept is being truthful about the law. 

How to negotiate a raise, review employment offers, explain various applicable leaves. 

How to handle a difficult supervisor.

How to properly submit a complaint.

First 30-minute consultation is free.

A La Carte 

Compensation Analysis
Succession Planning
Benefit Implementation

Mental Illness First-Aid Instruction

AI and HRIS Implementation

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