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Ouch! That Burns. I'm Out of Here.

Updated: Jun 6

Optimize Team Performance Minus the Burn-Out.

Hi Everyone,

Another Forbes article for you to check out. How fabulous!

Exert from Forbes

Serve As An Example

Be Good

Be an example to your team. Get in the trenches. Ensure your team is learning new skills that can be applied to their resumes. Talk with your team and collaborate on creative ideas. Give the team a safe place to vent.

Read the whole article here.

If you are interested, you can check out the HR Burnout Story below and one HR secret from HR Confidential.


  • Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

  • This casual writing style is to prove AI didn't write this story. (Nothing against AI, but original thinkers are necessary for our species.)

Preamble: Since I am 102 years old, I've been around the HR Block (not the insurance company) quite a few times. I thought you might enjoy an HR Burnout tale.

HR Burnout isn't just physical. It is emotional as well. We carry the weight of taking care of employees on FMLA, we are powerless to stop that vicious clique, Fester the engineer is drunk again,and we couldn't save that employee who overdosed. We worry about our jobs. Did we just say the wrong thing to the boss? Will the boss hire someone else if I can't work 80 hours a week, Dara from accounting said E&Y doesn't do performance reviews anymore. Dara likes to fire people without cause. (She is not well. She needs our prayers.) I can't protect my employees and the company. Who is on her hit list now? Oh, my heart.

Side Note One: I love accountants, but has anyone else dealt with the payroll specialist who consistently calls HR with the same question about exempt versus non-exempt employees?

Side Note Two: HR is 24/7. People don't leave work and then poof-no problems.

Wait. This is supposed to be an example of how HR Burnout is real.

Ready. Set. Go. Story.

When my mother turned 85, we had a party for her. If you're Irish Catholic, you know guilt. Anyway, I flew home and answered a flurry of emails/texts, etc. when the plane landed. The driver even told me to take a breath, but I had to answer these people.

Well, it is party day. Friends and Family keep saying how tired I look. In the middle of my mother's birthday song, CEO Joe texts and calls me. "AHHHHH. OMG, what could be wrong?" I start shaking and slip into the garage.

"I am waiting for my Uber and he is not here. Did you do something to the account?" CEO Joe demanded. Well, most of us use Uber, so you already know, CEO Joe was just being lazy. The best part, he wants me to work on a program to ensure everyone has a work-life balance when I return. I regret choosing CEO Joe before my mom.

The Point

Be the HR professional who truly represents your values. Do not get power-hungry or join a clique. Respond to complaints with grace and kindness. Know that this 102-year-old HR Lady is proud of you for treating all with respect. Then go to that safe place and curse at the stapler.

A Toast to You for Being a Great HR Person

HR Confidential: The four stages of employment:

I love you.

I want you.

I need you.

You're fired.

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