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Position Overview

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Volunteer Descriptions Shift Leader

This is a supervisory position. Shift Leaders assign volunteer team members to their positions, provide volunteer supervision and guidance, and oversee theater operations throughout their shifts. Shift Leaders report directly to the AmDocs Volunteer Coordinator (VC).




  1. Check in with the AmDocs VC or other designated manager if the VC is unavailable when you arrival at the festival;

  2. Review and familiarize yourself with the day’s film schedule and assigned theaters, including film titles, start-time, run-time (some festival goers ask and you want to know the answer), and end time, and the name of the announcer/moderator for each program to assure there have been no changes. If changes have been made, assure that all volunteers on your shift/crew have been made aware of them;

  3. Assure that each assigned volunteer has signed-in on the day's sign-in sheet;

  4. Provide name badge(s) to assigned crew members still in need of one;

  5. Ask assigned volunteers to familiarize themselves with the day’s film schedule and assigned theaters;

  6. Review Festival Passes with volunteers as a group, and where and how “drop-ins” can purchase them;

  7. Review assigned posts with each volunteer (e.g., in front of theater, near Camelot Theaters entryway, the box office, etc.);

  8. Assure that all assigned volunteers are in place to begin loading and unloading each theatre according to the day’s program schedule;

  9. Assure that all assigned volunteers have contact information for the VC and one or more emergency contacts for the Camelot Theatres;

  10. Monitor volunteer locations at all times to maintain the quality of the AmDocs Festival experience;

  11. Ask assigned volunteers to address time in, time out, and other issues with you, including the need to arrive late, leave early, and emergencies. If you (the Lead) are not available, ask the volunteer to address his/her issue(s) with the VC;

  12. Volunteers should not address logistical concerns with the Festival Director unless absolutely necessary or otherwise instructed by you or the VC; and

  13. Share changes in programs, films, theater assignments, and other pertinent information with the incoming shift lead.


Cashier Responsibilities: Sell tickets in the box office on an iPad, and give information to festival attendees. Training is provided.


Usher Responsibilities: Greet attendees, take tickets at theater doors, and generally assist in theater operations.


Announcer/Moderator Responsibilities: Announce films, introduce guest filmmakers to the audience, and moderate Q&A sessions after each film session.

AmDocs Usher/Announcer Script:


Ladies and gentlemen, great to be back in person for AmDocs 2024, already our 13th annual!


We are pleased to bring you films from around the world, in some cases our filmmakers are here at the screenings. Are there any in the audience right now, if so, please stand up! If you like the filmmaker will take questions and answers after the screening. If the show and the Q&A go long, we may have to clear the theatre at some point and you will be able to continue your discussion with our guests outside or upstairs in the lounge.


Enjoy the show and remember, please tell your friends, and come to more films if you don't already have a pass.


Let's all strive to keep the arts alive at AmDocs, where reality meets imagination!



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