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The Ten Commandments of a Positive Work Culture.

Updated: May 6, 2023

How to design and develop a fabulous work culture.

I. Thou Shall Act Without Prejudice.

  • Let's face it, we all have prejudices.

I prefer Coke to Pepsi. (Both brands are fabulous. Coke is not a sponsor. Health Alert: Sugared drinks are unhealthy.)

  • It is our responsibility to recognize our prejudices, put them aside, make fact-based decisions, self-audit, and ask for a colleague's feedback.

Side Note: True Story: There are managers out there who will "google" your address. They will tell HR to discard the application if they think it is a "bad" neighborhood. There is no way to prove this, so please do not think you can call an attorney. HR professionals need to stand together and say that is unacceptable. I think recruiters should only look at the applicant's provided information and LinkedIn. *My theories on "Classism in the Workplace" is coming out in June.

II. Thou Shall Not Gossip or Instigate Drama

  • Gossip is toxic. Enough said.

Don't act like one of the Real Housewives. You are better than that.

Side Note: My mother told me if someone talks about another person, it means they talk about you. It is true.

Warning: If a CEO or Founder gossips to you - don't take the bait.

A CEO that gossips is a CE-No. It does not mean you are in the inner circle.

III. Thou Shall Act in Good Faith

King Arthur's round table
  • Be Transparent

  • Listen

  • Validate

  • Act on proven information.

Side Note: Give the benefit of the doubt - From C-Suite to Temp Employees.

(If someone is lying, it will eventually come to light.)

IV. Thou Shall Not Present a Problem without a Possible Solution

  • Stop complaining.

  • Take action.

  • Be resourceful.

  • Present a professional list of possible solutions.

Side Note: People who complain without wanting to solve the problem - are the problem.

V. Thou Shall Not Throw Coworkers under the Bus.

  • Take Accountability.

  • Don't sabotage a co-worker (You know who you are. Stop it. It is not nice.)

Side Note: Bullying, blaming, and causing fires to take the heat off of you --is so uncool.

If you can't do the job, leave. (C-Suite people - you should never do this - you make enough money - don't blame HR and run to the CEO if you forgot Labor Day, is a holiday.)

VI. Thou Shall Do Your Job

Hey, who doesn't want a cushy job? But those jobs usually go to a Kardashian. You are not a Kardashian.

HR Warning: Do not submit a sex tape for a promotion. That doesn't work in the real world. Remember to turn off Teams/Zoom etc., if you want to be kinky with a co-worker. That is gross and stupid.

  • Read your job description again.

"Other duties may be assigned" means other duties may be assigned. (Nothing that would be outside of the functions of the department. No. It does not mean you automatically deserve a raise.)

Thank the Stars, Bob the Barista (coffee guy) is working today.

Side Note: If you work for a good company, they probably discussed a career path with you. Plus, the world needs workers. Why is it that everyone on LinkedIn is the Chief of Something? The world needs people who work in the mail room too.

VII. Thou Shall Tell the Truth

Be Honest - Enough said.

VIII. Thou Shall Not Bring Weapons (guns, knives, or bullets) in the Workplace. **

  • No. This has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment.

  • This is about safety and keeping an intimation-free work atmosphere.

*A hunter's knife is not an emotional support blankie.

** Unless you work at a gun store or shooting range.

IX. Thou Shall Note Covet a Co-Worker's Job, Salary, or Office.

  • None of you are James or Jane Bond.

  • Stop peaking over the fence and complaining that a coworker is getting more than you.

Positive Action: Market yourself and see if your company has other opportunities. Be prepared for when opportunity knocks.

X. Thou Shall Banish the phrase, "I don't know" from your phraseology.

  • "I don't know." devalues your service.

  • You sound lazy and dumb.

HR Helpline: Some phrases you can use instead:

  • Let me research that issue.

  • How quickly do you need this information?

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