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The 5 C (s) of Constructive Work Meetings

Shorten meeting times, develop a win-win strategy, and be a cool co-worker.

Don't Touch the Fire. It's Hot!

C-One: Common Sense

  • Leave your ego at the door.

  • Stay focused on the business objective.

  • Keep solutions simple.

  • Do not be late- that's just rude.

  • Turn off your phone.

  • Use the restroom before the meeting.

  • Do what is best for the goal, not just a special group of people.

Side Note: Remember "You are not a family. No matter how much the CEO may say you are. You are corporate citizens."

C-Two - Civility

  • Be professional.

  • Be kind.

  • Be gracious.

  • Be supportive. (Don't use this time for settling personal disputes or blame.)

Side note: Remember, the only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner.

C-Three - Collaboration

  • You are in this together.

  • You are a team. Act like a team.

  • Listen to your coworkers. If the receptionist has a better idea than you - use the idea and give the receptionist credit.

Side Note: Remember "Fair does not mean Equal".

C-4 - Compassion

  • Please practice lifting your coworkers up.

  • Support each other.

  • Do not participate in mean-spirited cliques.

Side Note: Office politics can really stink. Don't run negative ads about your co-workers.

C-5 - Critical Analysis. Let's go Retro!

  • Use logic and rationale.

    • AI tools to help you with metrics. Use them.

  • Do not ask questions that are meaningless to everyone but you.

    • (Hold those questions for a special meeting with HR. What happened to you during the middle of a tornado that happened in 2012 is not relevant.)

  • Base your decision on metrics, data, and logic, not on based on office politics. (That includes the owner and CEO. Sometimes, a CEO becomes a CE-No. When that happens start looking for a new job.)

Side Notes: The Golden Rule: The one who holds the gold - rules.

The owner and CEO will always have the final say -

To quote the film Pay Back - "There's always just one guy."

If the powers that BE are conducting sneaky bum stuff, you have little power to change it. Don't blame HR. HR has no power. Leave. That's just common sense.

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