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Five Keys to Understand HR.

HR People are Employees Too.

Let's face it. The HR Department is the Black Sheep of the Company. We are insulted, dismissed, and tired. This guide is to help you connect with HR and develop a productive relationship.

1. Remember: HR Makes Recommendations Not Decisions.

The HR Lady was told to write the memo by the CEO removing the remote work benefit. HR is neither the CEO nor Owner. (If you want to know what the C-Suite is like watch Succession.)

Hey. Here's an example of how it works.

  1. The Owner/CEO wants an unpopular policy.

  2. The Owner/CEO directs HR to send the memo after they have left the building.

  3. Owner/CEO writes an email to HR at 2:00 am stating that "What did HR do? All the employees are upset. " They are furious. Employees are texting, and emailing complaints to them.

  4. HR is blamed.

  5. That CEO tells the staff HR was wrong.

  6. Owner/CEO rescinds the policy

2. Tell the Truth to HR and Act in Good Faith.

HR knows you watch true crime shows. We watch them too. You do not need to say, "Lawyer. Lawyer. I don't recall." when asked if your overtime was approved.

3. Be Mindful. Nothing is Off the Record.

If you wish to report an issue, HR cannot promise total confidentiality. Please do not say, "Ok. I will tell you, but it is off the record. Andrea is selling drugs." That is cause for an investigation.

4. Schedule a Meeting to Discuss Your Issues.

For example, HR may be processing payroll. They need to concentrate on things like PTO, new direct deposit, a garnishment, and changing that employee's tax status again.

Most employees when upset will run to HR in a panic. When you schedule a meeting HR will be focused on you and your issue. If you are an interruption. HR may be distracted, and you will think HR doesn't care.

HR Story

I was working on payroll and a worker barged into my office yelling at me due to an email sent by her supervisor. The email contained all red capital letters, which the employee interpreted as an insult. However, after reviewing the email, it was a simple request to discuss a matter. The message read: "GOOD MORNING. WHEN YOU HAVE A CHANCE, LET'S DISCUSS......." Unfortunately, the employee perceived the use of red font as a sign of disrespect from her boss. When the worker calmed down, they apologized. However, it did not make a good impression.

HR TIP: Don't treat HR as your emotional booty call.

5. Be Kind.

One may think is easy. It is not. Staff, supervisors, and the C-Suite use HR as a scapegoat when they make mistakes. "I want Pandemic policy right now!!!" HR was told in March 2020., "Well. I don't see it in the Handbook." HR sends you the section and another hour is wasted. "Why would I need to report Jumana broke her arm while working? HR is trying to run my department." Common sense is out the window - again.

Yes. It was hostile when you told the HR Lady she had a b#Tch face.

Most HR professionals want to make a positive difference. It hurts when you always say you hate HR over and over again. We got it the first time.



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